You Are Pre-Diabetic

A visit to the doctors and a subsequent diagnosis of 'Pre-Diabetes' can come as quite a shock for many people...

It’s not uncommon to be flooded with a range of emotions, from confusion and anger to guilt and despair – the rollercoaster of feelings can be overwhelming.

I understand that this diagnosis is rarely met with enthusiasm. However, please know that with focus, determination, and proper guidance, almost everyone can shift away from the pre-diabetic range.

To be candid, for many, the diagnosis of pre-diabetes serves as a profound wake-up call, motivating them to take action independently and address the issue head-on. If you believe you can make the necessary changes to your diet, lifestyle, habits, and mindset on your own, I genuinely wish you every success on your journey.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you could benefit from assistance, if you find comfort in being held accountable and guided toward better health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to listen to your unique circumstances, evaluate your risk factors, and explore how I can support you in achieving optimal health.

Your well-being is my priority, and I am ready to stand by your side as you work towards a healthier and brighter future. Please get in touch with me here; together, we can create a tailored plan for your journey to improved health and wellbeing.


About the Pre-Diabetes reversal programme

The Pre-Diabetes reversal programme is conducted over a 6 month period (and can be extended beyond that if you wish).

The programme includes:

  • An initial 1 hour discovery session
  • A 2½ to 3 hour initial consultation
  • 45-60 minute weekly accountability/coaching sessions in the first 4 weeks followed by:
  • 45-60 minute fortnightly accountability/coaching sessions up to and including month 6
  • Phone/email/WhatsApp support between sessions

You will:

  • Receive a welcome pack/folder for use during and after the programme in the post
  • Enjoy a greater understanding of ways to balance your blood sugars and insulin levels, as well as ways to improve your health, diet and lifestyle
  • Benefit from an improved mindset and relationship with food
  • Learn long term strategies that should last you for the rest of your life
  • Be held accountable for the actions that you take/do not take whilst on the programme
  • Be required to weigh and measure yourself prior to sessions, complete a daily online food diary via an app whilst on the programme and take fingerprick blood sugar readings

We will:

  • Work together to help you to reverse your Pre-Diabetes, lose weight (where applicable), improve your health and create new habits to last you for many years to come.

All sessions are held on Zoom

The next step...?

Please contact me here for further information, and for a no-obligation chat as to how we might move things forward together.


What sort of things will I learn whilst on a programme?

Over the duration of the programme, we will be covering a vast range of nutrition, diet, lifestyle and health-related topics.

These are designed to not only educate you and to give you a better understanding of nutrition, but also to provide you with the knowledge that - if applied - should last you a lifetime and help you on your journey to a healthier future.

Here’s a typical example of the topics that we cover- as you can see, I offer a very comprehensive programme:

  • Understanding your goals
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Introduction to nutritional basics
  • Fasting and fasting FAQ’s
  • Reading and understanding food labels
  • The psychology of eating
  • The power of mindful eating
  • The top 20 hidden causes of weight gain
  • Exercise
  • The impact of hydration on health
  • Identifying hunger and fullness cues
  • Understanding Fructose
  • About vitamins
  • About minerals
  • About the B-vitamins
  • Building support systems for weight loss
  • Healthy meal planning and prep
  • Healthy grocery ghopping
  • Understanding and reducing sugar intake
  • The role of fibre in weight management
  • The top 20 foods high in fibre
  • The top 20 foods rich in Calcium
  • Stress and eating behaviours
  • Introduction to intuitive eating
  • The role of Magnesium in health
  • The importance of Iron
  • Portion control and serving sizes
  • Food triggers
  • Gut health
  • The importance of healthy gut bacteria
  • Heart health
  • The Glycaemic Index
  • The Glycaemic Load
  • Deceptive food marketing tactics
  • Meal timing and frequency
  • Meal swapping - making favourite dishes healthier
  • Dealing with food cravings
  • Healthy snacking
  • Navigating social events and eating out
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Sleep and weight management
  • The power of positivity and positive self-talk
  • Maintaining motivation in weight loss
  • Overcoming weight loss plateaus
  • Coping with slip-ups
  • Building resilience
  • Maintaining healthy habits


What geographic areas do I cover?

I conduct sessions via Zoom, and therefore can assist you wherever you may be in the world.


I'm interested, what's the next step?

To get to know you a little bit better before you commit to a programme, and to ensure that you are ready for the programme, I would like to have a quick 10-15 minute chat on the phone with you.

To arrange a free, no-obligation call, please drop me a message here .

I look forward to speaking with you, and helping you.

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