What are the signs and symptoms of undiagnosed and diagnosed type 2 diabetes?


What are the signs and symptoms of undiagnosed and diagnosed type 2 diabetes?

Many people are diagnosed with either condition as part of a routine or random blood glucose check. Sometimes they will have gone to the doctors after dealing with certain symptoms for many months or years, and they finally get to a point wherethey decide to get to the bottom of the cause.

In many cases, in the early days Pre-Diabetes can be asymptomatic – that is there are no symptoms, but blood sugar levels are starting to rise. If left unchecked or not picked up on a routine or random blood sugar check, the situation will generally worsen until either picked up on a later blood sugar check or symptoms begin to show.

And even when symptoms start to show, still many people haven’t begun to join the dots that they are becoming (or are, and simpy don’t know it yet) a Type 2 Diabetic.

This single page is possibly one of the most important pages of our website.

I cannot stress how important it is, that if you have not had a blood sugar check in the last couple of years, and you can identify with any of the symptoms listed below, that you go and have either a fasting fingerprick test or a HBA1C test done with your doctor. Without being overdramatic or overly sensational on the matter, identifying the symptoms of Pre-Diabetes or full Type 2 Diabetes might save you (or someone that you know) from serious health implications or a premature death.

This page forms the ‘identify and prevent’ part of my 100 million mission, and I encourage you to please spread this knowledge.

So now let’s take a look at some of the symptoms you (or someone you know) might be experiencing:

  • Increased thirst and urination (particularly getting up in the might on a regular basis to go to the toilet)
  • Increased hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Intermittent (or regular) blurred vision
  • Slow-healing of cuts, bruises and sores, or frequent infections
  • Frequent yeast infections (especially Thrush)
  • Darkened skin in certain areas of the body, such as the neck, armpits, and groin
  • Tingling (pins and needles) or numbness in the hands or feet

I do stress that the above symptoms can be common with sustained elevated blood sugar levels and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes, but will balance that by stating that they can also be symptoms of other health conditions. Either way, in my view it is best to get these checked out if you are in any way concerned.

It is important to note that in many cases, Pre-Diabetes leading to Type 2 Diabetes can be completely asymptomatic and that is is imperitive to have your blood sugar levels (alongside other health checks like blood pressure and cholesterol) tested on a regular basis – especially if your diet and lifestyle might indicate you being at higher risk of developing the disease.

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