You Are Recently Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes

How an individual deals with the news that they have Type 2 Diabetes does vary greatly – often their health service will offer basic support and education, but we have frequently found that this is not the case and many people are prescribed medication and sent on their way to muddle through dealing with the situation themselves.

If, like many people who receive that news, you too are in disbelief, shock or dispair, then please be assured that it is a condition that – with a little focus and effort – can be kept completely under control and managed and in the majority of cases (in our experience) can be reversed.

Some who are newly Type 2 Diabetic, as is their perogative, will be happy to just take the medication to try to manage their blood sugars but will take no other action in terms of dietary and lifestyle changes.

Others will also take the medication as advised by their doctor, but in addition will want to find out ways to manage their condition through education and dietary/lifestyle changes – and will be willing to put the effort in to try to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

If you are in this second group and would benefit from professional help, accountability and coaching in managing (and potentially reversing your condition), then please make contact with me either via the Message button in the bottom right corner of the screen, or via email here. I can discuss your individual circumstances, assess your risk factors and look at ways in which I may be able to assist you.

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