In just 60 minutes, you’ll be given tools and education to EMPOWER you to make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle!!

Check out the testimonials from those that have done their own EmPower Hour below.


Who is the EmPower Hour for?

  • Those that need to improve their overall diet and nutrition but don’t know where to start
    • With so much information and misinformation regarding food and nutrition it can be difficult to understand where to start if you are trying to find easy ways to improve your diet.

 In just 60 minutes you will be given ways to cut-through the noise, and find strategies to easily improve your eating and drinking habits.

  • Those that feel an improvement in diet might improve their overall health and energy levels.
    • Never more so than in today’s society, we are certainly “what we eat”. That being the case, many of our day to day health issues – from poor sleep to lack of energy, from weight gain to general aches and pains, can be linked to to a poor diet or lack of education in making food choices. i-Nutrition is determined to change that! 

In just 60 minutes, you’ll have a good idea of where you can make changes in your eating habits to possibly improve your health and energy levels.

  • Those that have ‘Dieted’, trying and failing to lose weight sustainably in the past.
    • i-Nutrition is a strict “no Dieting” and “no fad Diets” zone! We don’t believe in taking meal replacements and embarking on faddy Diet plans – these are often expense and/or are simply unsustainable. We believe in real food – not only to help you lose weight and keep it off, but to also help improve your health.

In just 60 minutes we will cut-through the noise, open your eyes to the silly weightloss plans that are sadly so prevalent in today’s society, and find ways to move you forwards with proper weightloss strategies that actually work – and last!

  • Those that are worried about developing Type 2 Diabetes, are recently diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic or those that have lived with Type 2 Diabetes for many years.
    • In many cases, Type 2 Diabetes is avoidable for those at risk, and REVERSIBLE for those diagnosed and possibly on medication to deal with the symptoms. Let i-Nutrition set you on the right track with science-backed information and strategies to help you on a healthier course.

In just 60 minutes, we will open your eyes to easy strategies to avoid Type 2 Diabetes if you are at risk, or reverse the condition if you are recently diagnosed or long-term diagnosed.


What’s included?

  • A personalised 60-minute zoom session – with the opportunity to discuss diet, any nutrition questions, review any (non-medical) dietary concerns as well as chatting about fitness or weight loss, or type 2 diabetes management related questions etc…
  • A review of  7 days worth of food diary – (full guidance on how to use the online food diary app will be explained prior to the session).
  • A personalised post-session report – giving help and guidance to make positive improvements moving forwards.
  • A choice of 10 healthy recipes – with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, you will have some tasty recipes to start you off on your new, heathier lifestyle!

All for only £149!!

(payable in 3 instalments if required, see below)

There is no further commitment to work with me longer-term on a 121 basis beyond the Empower Hour session, but of course should you wish to discuss this, we can do so.




i-Nutrition has partnered with Klarna to offer you an extra payment option for your EmPower Hour Session (or gift voucher). You can now book your EmPower Hour Session (or gift voucher) and spread the payments over 3 months!


Give the gift of health to someone you love!

You (or whomever you choose to gift an EmPower Hour session to) will be able to tap in to my years of experience and knowledge for a whole hour, and get a personalised dietary appraisal of where you are now, to help on the journey to where you (or whomever you gift the session to) want to be.


To book your personal EMPOWER HOUR™ session, please click on the button.

I will then contact you to arrange a time for your session.


To give the gift of good health and buy an EMPOWER HOUR™ session GIFT VOUCHER for a family member or friend, please click on the button below.

I will then contact you to establish whom you wish to give the gift voucher to.

Here’s What Previous EmPower Hour Clients Have To Say…

Having realised that my weight had slowly over the course of a number of years crept towards being unhealthy, I took advantage of Neil’s EmPower Hour.

Neil advised me to keep a food diary beforehand, and during my session with him this was talked through with me to see where I was going wrong.

It contained a few surprises, but Neil showed me where I could make simple changes for easy wins, which I will do.

I was impressed by his knowledge and the way he explained things to me. I shall certainly carry on with the food diary for a while, to monitor my progress.

Thanks, Neil.

Debbie Hackett - EmPower Hour Testimonial


After receiving some worrying test results, I turned to Neil for help regarding my diet. He was non-judgmental, understood my needs, and took them seriously. His Empower Hour session revealed a lot about my diet that was lacking, and he showed me ways to improve and provided clear advice for moving forward.

If you are struggling with your diet or have a health condition that affects your diet, I would recommend Neil as someone to work with.

Lucy Bradford - EmPower Hour Testimonial


Alex Durham - EmPower Hour Testimonial

I’ve consulted with many nutritionists in recent years, mainly for weight gain issues, but Neil’s (Em)Power Hour provided advice and guidance in a down to earth way.

Neil took the trouble to review a week’s diet log and showed me step by step how to change the profile of my food intake and eating habits.

With a very clear and simple explanation, together with solid facts and figures, no jargon, and no judgement, we came up with some easy changes that will help me get my diet and exercise back on track.

I’d definitely recommend Neil’s (Em)Power Hour as a starting point for anyone looking to get back on track with their weight issues.

Linda Garcia - EmPower Hour Testimonial

Just had an insightful one to one session with Neil at I-Nutrition.

Very grateful for this opportunity to have a realistic evaluation of my nutritional status.

Thanks for an excellent and informative overview, personally tailored to my needs.

Practical advice and suggestions offered with an understanding and empathetic approach. Invaluable help and highly recommended.

Thank you, Neil.

Debbie Johns - EmPower Hour Testimonial

Neil, I would like to thank you for the recent EmPower Hour. I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into our session.

I have known you for several years now, and when we first met, I thought I should talk to you, but didn’t. I recently heard you give an inspirational talk during an online networking meeting and knew that now was the time for that conversation. This was the first time I have openly spoken to anybody about my diet, and I found it a painless experience.

Making the food diary a habit will certainly help me keep the calories on track. Your non-judgemental assessment of the diary highlighted areas that I can improve on to become healthier. Some will be easier than others, but none are impossible because I will be addressing them through choice, rather than by necessity!

The information you freely shared will certainly help me make healthier decisions about my diet. I’m sure the me of the future will look back and thank you once again for your encouragement.

Dave Turnbull - EmPower Hour Testimonial

I had the EmPower Hour session with Neil today. WOW! How thought provoking was that?!

I contacted Neil as I has some disturbing blood results. He asked me to keep a food diary, which I did. Neil doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the naughty step at all, he listens and then talks, and talks with such knowledge. I am so much better informed about my food choices now and know what I have to do to achieve my goals.

I know Neil is there for support, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to support me, but ultimately it is now down to me.


Jacqui Farbrace - EmPower Hour Testimonial

Having had several health issues and gained quite a bit of weight, I decided to take advantage of Neil’s EmPower Hour, to go through what I was eating and the risks associated with diabetes and obesity.


Neil was extremely informative and helpful and I certainly learnt a lot, as well as a number of hints and tips to help me move forward and lose weight.


I would definitely recommend Neil’s EmPower Hour for those that need help to eat more healthily and lose weight.

Sara Sheppard - EmPower Hour Testimonial

 I had recently turned 60 and was living an unhealthy lifestyle with no great desire to change.

After just the one 1-2-1 session with Neil, I had a much better insight on how to eat healthily and a much greater incentive to do so.

I would highly recommend Neil to anyone struggling with their weight.

His straightforward approach really does help you to understand how small changes to food and exercise can really help shed those unwanted pounds..

Chris Chapman - EmPower Hour Testimonial

I have done Neil’s EmPower Hour session and I really learnt a lot.

Neil’s knowledge really helped point me in the right direction regarding my health giving me ten recipes to try.

I am now in my fourth day since our session and have already made changes to my health.

I would highly recommend Neil to anyone who wants a permanent change not a quick fix.

Ben Leach - EmPower Hour Testimonial

Joanne Clayton - EmPower Hour Testimonial

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