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The show goes out live from the Channel Radio studios in Ashford every Monday morning from 11am to midday on www.channelradio.co.uk/two.

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The ‘Health Matters’ show is dedicated to keeping you informed and updated as to simple and effective ways to improve your health and the health of those around you (including family members and employees). I share my expertise and experience to help you to find ways to become a healthier ‘you’. Joining me for each show there will be a special guest.


If you would like to be a guest on a future ‘Health Matters’ Radio Show, please contact me for more information.
I am looking for those in the ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ industries that compliment my skillset as a Nutritionist, plus business owners that have an interest in improving health and wellbeing in their workplace.
For  a nominal fee, you will get:
  • Pre-show promotion via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in the week leading up to the show, with your details included
  • Leverage of my social media contacts to help you to grow your social media contacts in the week leading up to the show.
  • The opportunity to participate and contribute to the live show
  • A minimum 15 minute interview slot live on air, allowing you to promote yourself and your business.
  • In-studio photos (as desired).
  • A MP3 download of the show, including your interview, for you to use in your own promotional material.
  • The experience of appearing on a live radio show
In the first instance, please contact me for a chat.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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