The concept of ‘juicing’ is one of the ‘New Year resolution trends that comes around each year because it appeals to people’s desperation – usually to lose weight or get healthy fast.

Sadly, when their juicing ‘diet’ is over the old dietary habits are still there and juicing doesn’t improve their health in the long run. If anything, they’ve taken a step back by losing muscle mass from their body and they’ve now got to work harder to restore it (inevitably, many people struggle to regain lost muscle).

Juicing ‘diets’ will cause people to drop ‘total weight’ fast but a very little of that will be body fat. They will tend to drop significant amounts of water – but more worryingly, they will lose muscle mass.  The muscle mass lost – muscle being an essential part of your metabolism – can take many weeks to put on again, and that’s through some really demanding strength training sessions. If most people had any idea how much hard work was involved in just recovering the lost muscle mass, they would never juice fast again.

Juice has no fibre – it’s pure fruit/vegetable sugars.

As part of a balanced diet there are some vegetables that can be beneficial if taken as a juice in small quantities, such as in beetroot, but these should never be taken as part of a fast, a diet or a detox.

Fruit juices are very high in fructose (fruit sugars) but with no fibre to slow down the blood sugar release, the body gets a massive hit of sugar which is likely to cause a hyperglycaemia and a ‘sugar rush’ – and as the liver only has a capacity to deal with a certain amount fructose in one go, the fructose it can’t deal with will be stored as body fat.

So, while each glass of juice does contain antioxidants from the over-generous amount of fruits and veggies used to make it up, the delivery method means that your body is subjected to extraordinary amounts of sugar in one go, which long term can also increase the risk of developing complications associated with Type II Diabetes.

Juicing is particularly detrimental to those that have Diabetes or have insulin sensitivity or diabetes and can increase their risk of developing diabetes if they’re consuming high fructose fruit juices on a regular basis.

This is not a good thing, as maintaining stable blood sugar levels are the key to good health and to a balance of the pancreatic hormones in particular, which are directly linked to fat loss. Juicing plays havoc with your blood sugar regulation so people are likely to gain body fat and not lose it if they’re consuming more liquid (juiced) calories – even if those juices are natural.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that any fruit and vegetable can be contaminated, and it being organic doesn’t protect against this threat. Therefore, if you consume a large amount of contaminated fruits in a self-made juice, you could risk stomach upset, digestive problems or even E. coli.  Shop-bought juices are generally pasteurised for this reason, but lose a lot of nutrient value of the fruit as it had in its natural form.

Some fruits are high in sorbitol, such as apples and pears, and concentrated in a juice can cause stomach upset and diarrhoea, with children being more sensitive to this.

Metabolism is entirely dependent on muscle mass and so anyone concerned about their figure should be more concerned about their muscle mass.

How to spot a fad diet

You can spot a fad diet by asking yourself: ‘Will I still be doing 80 percent of this in five years time?’ and ‘Would I be happy if my children did it?’ If the answer to either of these is no, then it is likely to be a fad diet and to be avoided.

Eat properly year round, don’t eat badly and then feel the need to ‘detox’

If you have a daily balanced diet, there should be no need to go on any extreme ‘detox’ in the New Year. Most people on a detox don’t really know what a toxin is, as the reality is that as soon as your body is back into a routine of eating properly, it cleans itself, restores itself without having to resort to the unsustainable. The human body is amazing in that way.

The take away message is – eat your fruits and vegetables, never drink them.