Metabolic Weight Loss

People choose to lose weight for a variety of reasons; for self esteem, to fit in to their swimsuit for an upcoming holiday, to fit in to that ‘LBD’ or, more seriously, because their health is being or is likely to be affected in a detrimental way. Weight loss for many people has become a very real challenge, which I empathise with.

The problem with ‘diets’ and ‘meal replacements’ is that these programmes fail to address the core reasons for the causes of weight gain, which are often psychological and relate to habit. That is one of the main reasons why ‘diets’ fail and the weight lost goes back on. Meal replacements, on the other hand, result in weight loss due to a simple reduction in calories but often contain some unpleasant ingredients including genetically modified, low quality proteins and other nasty synthetic ingredients touted as being ‘healthy’. In addition, meal replacement programmes can work out to be very expensive.

Neither option is sensible, and in my opinion neither is sustainable. It is better to help people change their mindset, change their habits and help them on to a new pathway which is safe and sustainable for the rest of their life.

Weight Loss Solutions Through Accountability, Coaching & Education

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day – teach him how to fish and you feed him for life”

I work on the principle of making individuals accountable for their thoughts, actions and habits – and help them to make positive changes that will last them a lifetime. Often this involves changing eating and drinking habits, but is frequently extended to making changes in lifestyle and exercise routines too.

By so doing, I ‘teach you how to fish’ so to speak; helping and supporting you to make changes that will positively affect your life, for the rest of your life.

‘Proper’ weight loss

Many diets promote just ‘weight loss’ – but if you are losing the ‘wrong’ weight, you can actually harm your body, slow your metabolism down and create other issues. Often people will lose water and muscle mass on other programmes, which is undesirable to say the least. Through regular body scanning, I work with you to ensure that muscle mass and hydration levels are maintained and potentially increased, and that the weight you lose is BODY FAT. I do not focus on body weight or BMI as some others do, I am dedicated to changing the composition of your body, as that is the ONLY way to safely lose weight in the short, medium and long term.

A 26 Week Programme*

My normal weight loss programme lasts for an initial period of 26 weeks (12 fortnightly accountability sessions), over which time you will be enlightened, entertained, educated, supported and held accountable for your progress. No fad dieting, no gimmicks, no meal replacements – just proper nutritional guidance to move you in a completely new direction. Whether you have just five pounds of weight to lose or fifty, we have programmes that will help you to reach your goal. Once the 12 sessions have been completed, you have the option to continue or to stop further sessions as you choose.

It is an investment in your health, not just in the short term but in the long term too!

Bespoke Help

If you feel that a 26 week programme is not for you, then please contact me to discuss a bespoke programme tailored to your needs – I am always happy to discuss individualising my service for you.

Here’s what a few of my many happy weight-loss clients have to say…

34lbs of Weight Lost In 4 Months – Without Dieting!

I had been slowly and steadily putting on weight for the last twenty years and although I could lose say half a stone from time to time I inevitably ended up putting it all back on.

After 4 months under Neil’s guidance I have lost something like 16 kilos. I feel better, I look better and I have already dropped a trouser and jacket size which was a real buzz. More to the point I have started to think about food in a different way and discovered that there are lots of foods and food combinations out there that will allow me to enjoy my food but maintain a healthy lifestyle.

David Summers

Care Fees Advisor, Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

25lbs of Weight Lost – Without Dieting

Neil made it very clear that he would only work with me if I was serious about wanting to lose weight and would properly commit to the program. I said yes and three months later I have lost 25lbs, feel better and have never gone to bed hungry…

I’m delighted with the results so far and also delighted that I have a framework and awareness that I can continue to use in the future – thank you Neil, I cannot recommend you highly enough!

Dave DiCara

Business Coach and Toastmaster

15lbs of Weight Lost – Without Dieting

I chose to work with Neil because he focused on nutrition and more holistic lifestyle changes rather than just dieting. Neil also went into some very useful detail regarding the lifestyle changes…

Working with Neil is very straightforward, so far I have lost 7 kilos in 10 weeks and its been really easy. Neil is very serious about keeping me focused on my goals and will only deal with people who are serious about losing weight without the yoyo style diet fads.

Peter Allen

Company Director, Beresfords Accountants

15lbs of Weight Lost In 3 Months – Without Dieting

I was 13stone 2pounds and three months later I am 12stone 1pound, and 4 pounds off my target weight.
I exercise more, eat better, drink more water, have loads more energy and tolerate excuses less and less. This is the result of working with Neil. Do whatever he says and you will hit your goal weight without any stress

Andrew Priestley

Business Coach and Best-Selling Author

25lbs of Weight Lost – Without Dieting

Neil has taken me from being borderline obese to now within the healthy body fat window, taking me from a metabolic age of a 65 years old to a 39 year old, and helping me lose 68cm’s of body size.

Neil has given me plenty of expert guidance, not only in the food I eat, but also in the way I think about the food I am putting into my body, and excellent exercise tips. I couldn’t have made this “journey” with him and the support he gives!

Wendy Pullen

45lbs of Weight Lost – Without Dieting

Neil is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. I would like to say thanks for all your hard work with me. I’m very happy that I met you and I wish I had met you ages ago to save me trying so many other diets and failing.

Your great expertise has helped me so much. I struggled losing weight and eating healthily. Now I have learnt what sort of foods speeds and slows my metabolism and how water plays a vital key in losing weight and keeping fit and healthy.

Heidi Leverington

NHS Manager

20lbs of Weight Lost – Without Dieting

I have lost over 20lb WITHOUT DIETING, and put on muscle mass at the same time! I am no longer classed as being ‘obese’ and am almost within the ‘healthy’ body fat category.

My hydration is going up weekly and importantly my pain is almost completely gone. Neil’s programme is not difficult to start or maintain – it’s the best way to lose weight – controlled, everything happening in the correct way – it’s a mind-set. Bad habits are broken, new healthy habits are formed – and actually it’s great fun

Annie Watsham

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