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i-Nutrition hosts a range of health related webinar events throughout the year.
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I attended Neil’s webinar “Boost your immune system”, and it was fantastic and I learned a lot about what foods are full of vitamins, the ones that are beneficial to our bodies and how to boost our immune system.

This is very important specially in this scary times living with Coronavirus. Last week, I attended another webinar “Spotting the symptoms of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes” it was very informative. Neil addressed all the myths and misconceptions around type 2 diabetes.

Neil’s professionalism and knowledge were noticeable throughout all of his webinars and I look forward to joining other i-nutrition webinars.

Claudia Martans

Whilst I was initially sceptical about a Saturday morning webinar I have to say that the session was excellent. 

Neil’s interesting and focused presentation was superb (I learnt more about the science behind the theory than a school science lesson) and his voice easy listening to the message being communicated. 

I took several snippets away with me and will definitely be looking at listening to further sessions.

Andy Vanburen

I attended the i-Nutrition ‘Boost Your Immune System’ webinar as I wanted to get a better idea of which foods are best to get certain vitamins from and how to boost my immune system overall.

The delivery was informative and engaging and the webinar fulfilled my expectations of what I was hoping to learn, as clearly Neil knows his subject very well. I have already booked another webinar in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to further expanding my knowledge.

Vikkie Richmond

Neil, thanks for running the webinar on 9 ways to improve your health. This is a good introduction to general nutrition and establishing good, healthy habits in your lifestyle. I found the part on diet particularly useful.

Hayden Fisher

Content was great. Presentation was very professional.

Overall, really good webinar with lots of useful advice, well presented.


Just attended Neil’s Nine Easy Steps webinar and thoroughly enjoyed it. As the title says – East Steps to follow. We can all do this and improve our lives and the lives of others.

Neil’s style is relaxed and engaging, and his suggestions are grounded in solid professional knowledge.

Try one you’ll like it.  Follow the steps your body will like it.

Tony Line

Wonderfully informative Webinar from Neil. I attended the ‘boost your immune system’ webinar on Saturday, and I must admit I got so much more from it than I thought I might.

Neil takes you through a really comprehensive analysis around how to supercharge your body, and has already prompted me to make some changes to my diet and the way I think about food. I thoroughly recommend the courses Neil runs, but more importantly Neil himself.

He’s a brilliant advocate for his profession and I am looking forward to working more with him in the future.

Rikki Lear

I could see how much time and effort Neil put in to the Immune System webinar, it was extremely professional and well presented.

Sue Eaton

I found Neil’s Webinars really thought provoking.

The way he delivers a universal message to look after yourself and eat well in a manner which feels uniquely different and in a way which can change the way you think about food was brilliant!

Highly recommend for anyone looking to make a positive change on their physical and mental wellbeing.


 I thought the Immune System webinar was very interesting and very informative. I took lots of notes.

I am looking forward to the metabolism one

Steve Hall

Having listened to your webinar on health matters, delivered in your laid back but informative manner, I have taken away several advice tips.

The information has changed the way I listen, react with people and problems and so I genuinely feel the webinar was a life changer for me.

Thanks Neil keep going you are doing a great job keep the messages coming.

Sean Rustrick

Neil’s webinars are highly informative and offer insight into many aspects of nutrition and general well-being.

Science is mentioned only where necessary – the information is generally put across in layman’s terms – so they are of benefit to anyone.

Well worth checking out.

Julian Field

"I’m delighted with the results so far and also delighted that I have a framework and awareness that I can continue to use in the future"

Dave DiCara

Business Coach and Toastmaster

"Neil is a qualified health professional who offers invaluable advice and support as well as the lifestyle tips"

Peter Allen

Beresfords Accountants

"I exercise more, eat better, drink more water, have loads more energy and tolerate excuses less and less. This is the result of working with Neil"

Andrew Priestley

Business Coach and Best Selling Author

"Neil’s programme is not difficult to start or maintain – controlled, everything happening in the correct way – it’s a mind-set. Bad habits are broken, new healthy habits are formed – and actually it’s great fun"

Annie Watsham

Company Director