EmPower Hour Terms and Conditions.

If purchasing an EmPower Hour session for yourself, I will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order to arrange a mutually convenient Zoom session with you. You will be required to download the MyFitnessPal food diary app to your phone (or tablet/computer), and agree to log (to the best of your ability) all food and drink consumed in the 7 days prior to the agreed session. Please ensure that you (or whomever you are buying a gift voucher for) is willing and capable of using a phone/tablet/computer to log via the MyFitnessPal app, and have access to the Zoom virtual meeting platform before booking.

If purchasing an EmPower Hour session for someone else (a gift voucher), I will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order establish to whom the voucher should be made out to. I will then send you a PDF gift voucher made out to the recipient which they will be able to use and redeem up to 3 months from the date of issue. Gift vouchers are not transferrable and are non-refundable.

The purpose of the EmPower Hour session is to provide competent information on the topics that we discuss that fall within my remit and to help educate you in ways you might improve you own health. However, this is on the understanding that this is not a medical consultation and I am not engaged in providing medical advice. Whatever we discuss should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice.

If you have any concerns about your general health – or you require medical or other expert assistance – you should speak to a suitably qualified health care professional, which in many cases can (in the UK) be obtained by dialling 111, or speaking with your local pharmacist. Your Doctor does not always need to be your first point of contact.

The discussion is for general information only and I encourage you to do your own research on the things we talk about – and the things we talk about are based on my knowledge, research, experience and opinion – caveat emptor.

Everything discussed is in complete confidence

No refunds, all transactions are final.