14lbs Of Weight Lost In 1 Month – Without Dieting!

I started to work with Neil a few weeks ago having suddenly been confronted by a spike in my normally stable blood pressure. The GP did all the things that you would expect and of course recommended that I lose weight.

I had been slowly and steadily putting on weight for the last twenty years and although I could lose say half a stone from time to time I inevitably ended up putting it all back on.

They do say don’t they that if you want the outcomes to change you have to change something you are doing and my change has been to engage fully with Neil and his methods. I want to know that the weight loss I am experiencing by changing my attitude towards food and its place in my life will teach me the habits that I need to maintain my goal weight for the rest of my life.

After 5 weeks under Neil’s guidance I have lost something like 6 kilos. I feel better, I look better and I have already dropped a trouser and jacket size which was a real buzz. More to the point I have started to think about food in a different way and discovered that there are lots of foods and food combinations out there that will allow me to enjoy my food but maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We are only part way through my programme but I have every confidence I will hit my goal and more importantly have changed my approach such that I will be comfortable in maintaining my goal weight for the future.

Be warned Neil is not a soft touch and he can’t work with you unless you are committed to taking on board everything he has to say. He will match your commitment with his own professionalism and support.

Dave Summers
Care Fees Advisor
Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd