Fancy a 30 minute chat about your health?

Concerned about your diet?

Worried about your fitness?

Need some tips to improve your health and energy levels?

Need some motivation and a nudge in the right direction?

Trying hard to lose weight but feel like you are losing the battle?

Then take advantage of the i-Nutrition 30-4-30 offer!

That’s right, 30 minutes of my time via remote video link (Zoom or similar) for just £30!

And what’s more, whilst there is absolutely no obligation to more than the 30 minute session, if you decide to go on to a regular programme with me, I will deduct the £30 from the total programme cost!

Topics that we can discuss include, but are not limited to: your diet, nutrition questions, health issues (non-medical), your fitness, weight loss, type 2 diabetes management questions.

To book your 30 minute 30-4-30™ session, please click on the ‘schedule time with me’ button below:

Best £30 i have spent this year , Neil knows everything about nutrition , does not judge and gives genuine unique advice and creates a plan that is achievable. Add this to the fact he is an nice guy and incredibly interesting makes 30 minutes of time well spent.

Simon W

I just had a 30 4 30 with Neil this afternoon, which I found very useful for my overall health and wellness regime.

Basically I reasoned If I wasn’t going to do this now during lockdown then when was I going to do it?

Stop procrastinating and help yourself out, give Neil a call.

Mark G

Neil has a wealth of passion knowledge and desire to help everyone live their best life by taking care of themselves with how we eat and changing our mindsets on how we see our inherent relationship with food and our bodies.

In half an hour I have a productive and realistic list of small changes to make to achieve my health goals.

The best £30 I’ve spent and his way of making you understand is second to none.

Excited to see what will come based on Neil’s excellent advice.

Emma Barradell

During the “30 4 30” session Neil gave practical advice on making adjustments to my eating habits in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle  It’s not about crash diets, or being criticised or told “you must not do that”.  Neil’s advice was about making small changes and making smarter choices in order to break some of (what I felt are) bad eating choices.

Neil is a big advocate of fasting, and having done this before myself, he has given me the motivation to get back into the habit of doing it.

I’m looking forward to making these adjustments over a period of time to see if I can lose the weight I have gained recently in a healthy and sustainable manner. 

Julian Friel

Please note that this is not a medical consultation and any advice given should be treated as general guidance only. You are responsible for doing further research following the discussion as necessary, and you agree that you take personal responsibility for your own health and the decisions you may make.