The 100,000,000 Mission Challenge…

Corporate Wellbeing and Weight Management Programmes

As part of my desire to change the world’s attitude and understanding of Type 2 Diabetes, I have set a goal to educate 100,000,000 (yes, ONE HUNDRED MILLION!) people to identify, prevent, manage or reverse the disease – as well as to enlighten people as to the dangers of sugar and the amount of sugar in our food.

My radio show forms part of that strategy, as does my forthcoming book on the subject. In addition, I regularly perform education and demonstration sessions at business networking meetings, and also do similar talks and demonstrations at events and schools.

If you would like me to speak at your event, your business or your school, then please contact me by clicking on the button below and send me full details.

"I’m delighted with the results so far and also delighted that I have a framework and awareness that I can continue to use in the future"

Dave DiCara

Business Coach and Toastmaster

"Neil is a qualified health professional who offers invaluable advice and support as well as the lifestyle tips"

Peter Allen

Beresfords Accountants

"I exercise more, eat better, drink more water, have loads more energy and tolerate excuses less and less. This is the result of working with Neil"

Andrew Priestley

Business Coach and Best Selling Author

"Neil’s programme is not difficult to start or maintain – controlled, everything happening in the correct way – it’s a mind-set. Bad habits are broken, new healthy habits are formed – and actually it’s great fun"

Annie Watsham

Company Director