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You have come to the right place for help if you:

  • are at risk of developing type 2 Diabetes (for example, needing to lose weight), or
  • are pre-Diabetic, or
  • are a diagnosed type 2 Diabetic

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Please don’t forget to take a look at the book I have written, The KISSS Plan – the 4 step guide to prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes. It is available via Amazon now, and may well be a life changer for you, literally. The link to find out more about my book is here.

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I put aside 10 hours a week of my time for free to help people who are concerned with pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes (those that have either, or are at risk of developing them).

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Questions You Might Be Asking…

You likely have many questions that you are looking for answers to and help with. If these include any of the following,  you have come to the right place and I can help you:

  • What causes Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Is my Type 2 Diabetes reversible?

  • What can Type 2 Diabetics eat?

  • What does Type 2 Diabetes do to the body?

  • Could I reduce or come off my medication one day?

  • Is there a cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Why is Type 2 Diabetes bad?

  • Can Type 2 Diabetes be prevented?

  • Will Type 2 Diabetes go away with weightloss?

  • What foods should Type 2 Diabetics avoid?

  • Can pre-diabetes be reversed?

  • How can I avoid pre-diabetes?

  • I am not pre-diabetic or Type 2 Diabetic, but how can I improve my diet?

  • How can I lose weight without dieting?

  • How can I improve my health through a better diet?

Remember, you can tap in to my help either in a one-off session, or via a longer term programme (whichever works best for you).

Please drop me a message here and we’ll arrange a time for a chat to see how we might move forwards together.

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Learn The Top 12 Foods and Drinks That Pre-Diabetics and Type 2 Diabetes Should Avoid.

"A useful guide for pre-Diabetics, Type 2 Diabetics and those that simply want to improve their health."

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Interested In My Help? Here's What Previous Clients Say...

Below are some testimonial snippets.

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"I am not sure I could have achieved all this without Neil’s regular support and guidance.

At the end of my course, I feel equipped and incentivised to continue with my healthy lifestyle."

Paul Clark

"The simple truth is that having tried dieting in the past, having concentrated on healthy eating, I’ve never been able to structure things properly.

Neil’s expertise, support and guidance have enabled me to do what has always eluded me in the past, and I have no doubt that without his help I wouldn’t have made the gains and lasting changes that I have."

Ian Stedman

"Neil is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. I would like to say thanks for all your hard work with me"

Heidi Leverington

NHS Area Manager, NHS

"Neil’s programme is not difficult to start or maintain – controlled, everything happening in the correct way – it’s a mind-set. Bad habits are broken, new healthy habits are formed – and actually it’s great fun"

Annie Watsham

Company Director

"After 5 weeks under Neil’s guidance I have lost something like 6 kilos. I feel better, I look better and I have already dropped a trouser and jacket size which was a real buzz"

David Summers

Care Fees Advisor, Burfields House Wealth Management

"I’m delighted with the results so far and also delighted that I have a framework and awareness that I can continue to use in the future"

Dave DiCara

Business Coach and Toastmaster

"Neil provides strict advice (in a nice manner) keeping me on track to my personal goals. I would recommend anyone who is looking to improve and hopefully conquer their diabetes to not think twice about speaking with Neil. You will not regret it."

Mark Rosindale

"I exercise more, eat better, drink more water, have loads more energy and tolerate excuses less and less. This is the result of working with Neil"

Andrew Priestley

Business Coach and Best Selling Author

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