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23rd April 2018 (Show 22

Guest Carol Williams from First For Hypnotherapy and I chat about the dangers of belly fat, Glucagon and the benefits of Hypnotherapy. Plus we go back to 1979 with music from The Boomtown Rats, 10cc, Grease and Ian Dury.

16th April 2018 (Show 21

Guest Victoria Sheridan from The Secret Calm and I chat about visceral fat, insulin and wellbeing for ladies in their 50’s and 60’s – as well as Victoria’s forthcoming event in London on the 28th of April 2018. Plus we go back to 1981 with music from The Specials, Visage and Adam & The Ants.

2nd April 2018 (Show 20

Flying solo today, I chat about the issues with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, the hidden sugars in our food and why your weightloss might be slower than you might like – plus we go back to 1986 with music from The Bangles, Peter Cetera, Debbie Harry and Jermaine Stewart

26th March 2018 (Show 19

Guest Nathalie Marnham from Kent Aromatherapy and I chat about Aromatherapy Massage (what it is and how it can help you), the power of Pomegranates and part 1 of the hidden causes of weight gain  – plus we go back to 1993 with music from The Bee Gees and Duran Duran.

19th March 2018 (Show 18

Guest Ania Jeffries – Coach, Mentor and founder of Women Work events – and I chat about the forthcoming Women Work event in Tunbridge Wells as well as having a general discussion about Heart Health and also I finish off with Part 2 of why ‘fat’ doesn’t make people fat – plus we go back 30 years to 1988 with music from Robert Palmer, Sam Brown and Bobby McFerrin.

12th March 2018 (Show 17

Guest Kam Winchester from Acupuncture in Eden and I chat about Acupuncture, what it is and how it can help you – as well as the pros and cons of Fructose, and Part 1 of why it isn’t ‘fat’ that makes people fat – plus we go back to 1984 with music from Nena, The Cars and Rockwell

26th Feb 2018 (Show 16

Guest Gill Monk from All Health Matters and I chat about the importance of Occupational Health and what you can do about it, the connection between diet drinks and weight-gain, obesity and Type ll Diabetes, as well as ways to help prevent your child from putting on weight and becoming obese – plus we go back to 1980 with music from John Lennon, Odyssey and David Bowie

19th Feb 2018 (Show 15

Guest Dee Stringer from Swelling Matters and I chat about Lymphoedema and Lipoedema, as well as the benefits of ‘Brown Fat’ and the dangers of ‘ultra processed’ foods  – plus we go back to 1977 with music from The Eagles, Tom Robinson and The Sex Pistols.

12th Feb 2018 (Show 14

Guests Julian and James from South Eastern Tennis and Learn Chess chat about the health benefits of Tennis and Chess, and I also discuss the topics of the dangers of Ibuprofen overdose and the nasties in many ‘healthy’ protein bars – plus we go back to 1988 with music from Yazz & the Plastic Population, Climie Fisher and The Proclaimers.

5th Feb 2018 (Show 13

Guest Julie Murray from JM Hypnotherapy and I chat about Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing, and we also chat about the issues around Fatty Liver Disease and the hidden sugars in 7 common day to day foods  – plus we go back to 1979 with music from Pink Floyd, The Buggles and Rainbow.

29th Jan 2018 (Show 12

Guest Maureen Chiana from Apogee Skills and I chat about Neuroscience, what it is and how it can benefit you and your business, and we also chat about the warning signs of undiagnosed Type II Diabetes and strategies to help you give up smoking  – plus we go back to 1991 with music from Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Simply Red and Michael Jackson.

22nd Jan 2018 (Show 11

Guests Bev Crossland and Julie Stenhouse from KCHFT and the OneYou shop in Ashford chat about the services offered by the OneYou programme and their forthcoming Business Event in Ashford on the 29th of January 2018 (, and I talk about how your diet might be affecting your sleep, the differences in types of bread, and about the B-vitamin, Choline  – plus we go back to 1982 with music from Survivor, Toto and Madness.

15th Jan 2018 (Show 10

Guest Miranda Chapman and I chat about the forthcoming Wellbeing Symposium in Ashford on the 21st of February (, and also about the dangers of crash dieting and how to fix adrenal fatigue  – plus we go back to 1983 with music from Katrina and the Waves, Irene Cara and Prince.

8th Jan 2018 (Show 9

Guest Denise Holland and I chat about the benefits of Curcumin and also the symptoms indicating adrenal fatigue. We also discuss Transformative Performance Coaching and its benefits to you  – plus music from KC & the Sunshine Band and Katy Perry.

18th Dec 2017 (Show 8

Guest Margaret Holvec and I chat about the amount and the dangers of sugar in soft drinks and hot drinks, and what Type II Diabetes is, the dangers and how those with undiagnosed Type II Diabetes might be able to spot some symptoms. We also discuss essential oils, what they are and how they can help people, and we briefly revisit the ‘party season’, alcohol and driving ‘the morning after the night before’  – plus music from Robbie Williams, Midnight Oil and Taylor Swift

4th Dec 2017 (Show 7

Guest Alison Nixon and I chat about one of the most powerful antioxidants that most people have never heard of and things to be aware of in relation to the ‘party season’, alcohol and driving ‘the morning after the night before’  – plus music from Ed Sheeran and The Zutons.

27th Nov 2017 (Show 6

Guest Sara Green and I chat about the dangers of high blood pressure, the benefits of Magnesium and how to spot Magnesium deficiency, plus the Million Calorie Challenge – plus music from Squeeze, The Jam and Oasis

20th Nov 2017 (Show 5

Guest Kizzie Nicholson and I chat about Persimmon fruits, hidden sugars (how to spot them and avoid them) and Kizzie’s inspirational weight loss journey – plus music from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Imagine Dragons.

6th Nov 2017 (Show 4

Guest Stephanie Unthank and I chat about PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors), ways to improve sleep quality and quantity, more ways to relax and de-stress, and more ways to improve health in the workplace – plus music from Phil Oakey, David Gray and Stevie Wonder.

30th Oct 2017 (Show 3

Guest Chris Doel and I chat about chocolate, sleep, more ways to relax and de-stress without alcohol and more ways to improve health in the workplace – plus music from Tears For Fears, Tom Petty and Wilson Picket.

23rd Oct 2017 (Show 2) 

Guest Deni Booker and I chat about Antibiotics, ways to relax and de-stress without alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and about ways to improve health in the workplace – plus music from Justin Timberlake and The Killers.

16th Oct 2017 (Show 1)

The *first* Health Matters show.

Guest Paul Andrews and I talk about all things health, including gut health, the flu and sweeteners. Plus music from ELO, P!nk and Prince.

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