Good digestive health is important.

My Gut Restoration Programme is designed help those without underlying issues to improve their gut-health, improve their overall health, restore energy levels, improve sleep quality and reduce stress – plus it can also assist in weight (body fat) loss too as it rebalances the gut flora.

Why is digestive health important?

When it comes to mood, it’s not all in your head — it’s in your gut, too. The brain influences the digestive tract and vice versa. Our oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon have a big say in how our minds and bodies function and how happy we feel and how healthy we are. The gut is a critical group of organs that we need to start paying more attention to. Doing so may be the secret to improving our overall physiological and psychological wellbeing.

A microbial imbalance in the gut – called Dysbiosis – is often the source of a number of symptoms (see below). We frequently suffer these issues, or take prescription medication to relieve the symptoms, without realising where they originate or without really getting to the root cause. By helping you to improve your gut health, your general health can be improved and symptoms can be partly or wholly alleviated – including the ability to lose weight safely and sustainably.

What are symptoms of Dysbiosis?

● Fatigue
● Food allergies / intolerances
● Seasonal allergies
● Joint pain
● Rheumatoid arthritis
● Mental fog
● Lowered libido
● Sugar cravings (inc. alcohol)
● Weight gain
● Inability to sustainably lose weight
● Depression
● Skin rashes due to inflammation
● Nutritional deficiencies (poor absorption)
● Frequent colds
● Weakened immune system
● Heartburn / Indigestion
● Bloating
● Belching
● Constipation
● Diarrhoea


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