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Improve Your Energy Levels

Restore your energy levels naturally… sustainably

Lose Weight and Body Fat Safely... Forever!

No more fad dieting for you.
I’ll show you the way to lose your excess body fat forever!

Improve Your Digestive Health and Immune System

Good digestive health positively affects you psychologically as well as physiologically

After all, you are only 10% human!

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Good quality of sleep affects the body in so many great ways

Rekindle Your MoJo... Your 'Va Va Voom'

Regain your vitality
Reclaim your health

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Safe and Sustainable Weight/Body Fat Loss

The Gut Guru, Nutritionist, Body Transformation, Energy Restoration, Health Improvement, Weight Management, Maidstone, Kent

Type II Diabetes Management

Digestive Health Improvement

i-Nutrition, The Gut Guru, Nutritionist, Nutritionist Kent, Nutritionist London, Nutritionist Ashford

General Improved Health, Diet and Lifestyle

i-Nutrition, The Gut Guru, Nutritionist, Nutritionist Kent, Nutritionist London, Nutritionist Ashford

Time-Poor, Energy-Poor Professionals

i-Nutrition, The Gut Guru, Nutritionist, Nutritionist Kent, Nutritionist London, Nutritionist Ashford

Corporate Wellbeing & Weight Loss Programmes

i-Nutrition, The Gut Guru, Nutritionist, Nutritionist Kent, Nutritionist London, Nutritionist Ashford

Body Transformation, Energy Restoration,

Health Improvement, Weight Management… and much more!

I am The Gut Guru. Welcome to the first step in your journey to becoming a whole new ‘you’.

I specialise in helping time-poor, health-poor business owners, directors and professionals to improve their overall health, to re-balance and improve their gut-health to regain lost energy and dynamism, and to lose weight and body fat without dieting.

If you can relate to this – if you are overweight and struggle to lose weight, if you lack ‘spark’ and energy, if you have digestive problems or are simply fed up feeling average and a bit ‘meh’ – then you need my help.

As a nutritionist, I can also assist people outside of the business owner sector to lose weight, and to improve their health and nutrition. So even if you are not a business owner or business professional but still need help, please do contact me for a chat.


In addition to my nutritional experience and qualifications, I am passionate about improving gut-health. Your gut-health influences both your physiological and psychological health – whether you realise it or not.

I have studied the field of gut-health extensively for years, and improving your gut-health forms the foundation to my programmes.


If you would like to find out more, and to discuss your individual requirements, please tale advantage a free 20-minute discovery session. This is the first step to becoming a whole new ‘you’, and the first step towards sorting out any specific issues you may have.

If you would like to chat further, please complete the form to the right, or alternatively call me. In the message box, please include as much information about your requirements as you can, and you are happy to disclose. All information provided is, of course, treated in the strictest of confidence.

Body Transformation, Energy Restoration, Health Improvement, Weight Management… and much more!

Nutritionist, Body Transformation, Energy Restoration, Health Improvement, Weight Management, Canterbury, Kent

Request your FREE 20 minute telephone Discovery Session by clicking on the link below:

Author - Fit For Purpose Leadership #1

I am a #1 ranked global author too! In August 2017, I had the privilege in contributing, with some other thought-leaders in their respective fields, to a great book called ‘Fit For Purpose Leadership”. The book ranked #1 on Amazon in 3 categories and has sold globally since.

In the book,18 high achievers share their current best thinking on corporate wellness and wellbeing: health, mindset, social, meaning and purpose, best-practice and emerging trends. And what it takes to be fit-for-purpose.

To pick up your copy, please click on one of the ‘Buy Now’ links.

“After 5 weeks under Neil’s guidance I have lost something like 6 kilos. I feel better, I look better and I have already dropped a trouser and jacket size which was a real buzz”

David Summers

Care Fees Advisor, Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

“I’m delighted with the results so far and also delighted that I have a framework and awareness that I can continue to use in the future”

Dave DiCara

Business Coach and Toastmaster

“Neil is a qualified health professional who offers invaluable advice and support as well as the lifestyle tips”

Peter Allen

Beresfords Accountants

“I exercise more, eat better, drink more water, have loads more energy and tolerate excuses less and less. This is the result of working with Neil”

Andrew Priestley

Business Coach and Best Selling Author

“Neil has given me plenty of expert guidance, not only in the food I eat, but also in the way I think about the food I am putting into my body, and excellent exercise tips. I couldn’t have made this “journey” with him and the support he gives”

Wendy Pullen

“Neil is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. I would like to say thanks for all your hard work with me”

Heidi Leverington

NHS Area Manager, NHS

“I have coped better in my job in which I was close to leaving at the time I first met Neil. I feel healthier, more energised, and lighter and a whole lot more positive about sticking to long term changes for the better. I’m not just watching numbers go down on the scales I’m feeling everything improving”

Kaylie Kent

“Neil’s programme is not difficult to start or maintain – controlled, everything happening in the correct way – it’s a mind-set. Bad habits are broken, new healthy habits are formed – and actually it’s great fun”

Annie Watsham

Company Director

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The Gut Guru, i-Nutrition.
Nutritionist, Nutritionist Kent, Nutritionist London, Nutritionist Ashford


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